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My yoga journey began in 2001. I clearly remember feeling a sense of inner

calmness after my first class. I felt uplifted and walked taller, both physically

and mentally. I knew yoga was definitely going to be a faithful friend in my


In 2012 I gained my teaching qualification with The British School

of Yoga. Having worked with a wide range of children in nurseries

and schools both in Hereford and Inner London for over twenty

years, I felt I also wanted to share Yoga with children. So I went on

to train in The Yoga Banana Technique, an established method of

teaching yoga to children incorporating all the elements of

traditional yoga in a fun and inspiring way.

During the yoga sessions the children go on adventures in which

they act out the stories, taking on the postures of the characters they

meet along the way. This enables a child to explore their creativity

and imagination, promoting self - expression.

The sessions aim to maintain a child’s natural flexibility and develop

balance, strength and co-ordination. Through yoga children’s

positive self - image can increase and their confidence will shine.

Patience and perseverance develops as postures are held and


Yoga is non-competitive, children set their own goals and recognise

their own improvements. The aim of the activities is to nurture

confident and happy well balanced people.

Liz Eggerton

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