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Caroline Hands

Caroline Hands is a painter and multi-media artist which has been her passion all her life. Having lived in London in the sixties she has travelled extensively ever since and loves to work with dance and many different cultures. She lived in Herefordshire for approximately thirty years. Believing very much in community arts and the effect it has on people, Caroline ran workshops and festivals including Hereford Dancing and Dance Across the World, a speaker in Soil , Soul and Society,  and then more well known, the Three Choirs Fringe Festival (Hereford). She also ran workshops for The Hay Festival. Throughout her life she has exhibited widely, including China, where she was given a place to live and work and a large solo exhibition in Beijing. On her return she gave a talk at Hay Festival about her experience there.

In the last few years she moved back to London and started to work with dancers again contributing to Swallows Feet Independent Dance Festival in Hove and is helping to work on the South East London Wool and Textile Festival which will take place June 30 to July 01 at Woodlands Farm DA16 3RP.

Recently Caroline was invited by Thames Side Studios to deliver a talk on her life’s journey in Arts.

Her studio, Unit 7, 101, is at Thames Side Studios near the Thames Barrier in London ( SE18 5NR) where she continues to paint and work on different projects and continues to feel more creative than ever. You can view her work and many others at the open studios on June 09 and 10 between 12 and 6 pm.

Caroline is very happy to take part in this year’s Hereford Yoga Festival as she is a great believer in small independent festivals as well as large ones. (keep clicking!)

I: Birds Hands 

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