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My introduction to healing started with Reiki back in 2001 and since went on to train in holistic massage and reflexology. After being involved in many healing modalities I was drawn to Sound Healing and completed a thorough basic training with case studies with the College of sound Healing. Inspired by the facilitator and author Chloe Goodchild I attended some of her workshops in Bristol last year which were transformational for me. I have now adapted to facilitating workshops in my own style allowing people to come and experience Sound in a practical yet fun way. My passion is helping others to find and free their authentic voice, a singer myself I too came from a back ground where I was not encouraged to sing and was shy and totally disabled in front of others. Now I lead Kirtan singing on my harmonium and sing in two local choirs one of which is choral, so I have come a long way on my journey. I shared this workshop three times at Holistic events including the SS Great Britain Bristol dockyard, a wonderful experience facilitating 30-40 people with Sound on an old ship! Each of us has a unique journey with our voice and I hope to share and assist on your journey. Using breathe work and movement I will often refer to my voice opening workshops as Sound Yoga, accompanied by Tibetan bells and bowls I also bring to you deep relaxation and a sense of community and connection.

Katrina Surya Kalkwarf

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