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Mike has been studying and practising  yoga for nearly 30 years. He qualified as a yoga teacher in 1992 and has taught in schools, universities , businesses, the NHS and spent over 12 years teaching yoga In Prison. For the last 20 years he has been studying and practising Jyotish (Indian Astrology),

and has recently completed a 2 year training in Ayurveda.


He is also a qualified Alexander Technique teacher and believes that it has transformed his understanding and practise of yoga.


Jyotish – Indian Astrology


Mike is offering Jyotish readings on Saturday. Jyotish has the same philosophical roots as Yoga and Ayurveda and  shines it’s light on aspects  of a person’s life such as career, health, relationship  in order to help us flow harmoniously through life.

30 minute readings £25.

You will need your Date, Place and Time of birth.

Contact Mike to book a slot

Mike Young

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