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My Yoga training first began in Thailand with a wonderful Sivananda Yoga teacher.

After returning to the UK, I was so convinced of Yoga's benefits that I trained with the Iyengar based British School of Yoga. Beginning my teaching in Reading Leisure Centre, I then taught in and around Reading for 7 years. I moved to London for a year and learnt Ashtanga Yoga before deciding to quit the city for the quiet life of the Herefordshire countryside where I have been teaching and bringing up my family since. I now have 17 years teaching experience and have also retrained in a less well known technique called Hatha Kashmir Yoga.

Hatha Kashmir Yoga is a very deeply meditative technique which inspires the body to open up almost of its own accord. It is effortless and pain free and produces excellent results. Also known as the King of Relaxation yoga it uses the nervous system as its base though it has traditional yoga poses as its tool.  We approach the body through the lens of retraining it to do what it was able to do once, the perfect blue print we each have of our own. There is no wrong way of doing this type of yoga, there is only your way.

I am now also developing a new type of Therapy Yoga called Reflex Yoga.


Veronika Pena de

la Jara

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